Progress Report

It's that time of the month. No, I'm not PMS-ing. Nor am I having the actual monthly visit. I am writing progress reports. I don't really look forward to this activity, but as a teacher, this is expected from me.  My students (and their parents) need to know how they are doing and how their skills are improving.

So here I am rating one student Excellent in speaking, while rating the other student Needs Improvement.
I am  not so comfortable with my own perception of my student's abilities, which I'm sure could be inaccurate in some cases. I am aware that I am not free from my own biases and prejudices, which could color my perception, but my students have to live with that as we all have to live with somebody else's perception of us somehow, somewhere.  

As I write, I wonder, how am I doing as a wife, parent, friend, worker... uh, person? Huh! I would probably be Excellent in nagging, and get a Needs Improvement in cooking. I enjoy cooking when nobody is expected to eat... haha. I would love to get at least a Good rating for integrity, a Satisfactory in responsibility, a Failure in gossiping, and a comment that goes... "Zernah is VERY dependent on Me. She's weak, but I give her My strength. She asks for wisdom from Me in every decision she makes, then she makes her choice. She often asks Me 'Why' all the time when she doesn't know the answer, and argues until she understands that she doesn't know all, but I do. She listens and follows directions well. She grasps lessons quickly, learns from other people and her own mistakes, and is growing in maturity daily. I am pleased with her."

Ah, so that comment above is biased, but I want to hear that from the Master Teacher. To hear Him say "Well done!" to me one day will not only make my day, but my whole lifetime. All bad decisions gone, all regrets forgotten, all hard work rewarded. I sure am looking forward to getting a Report Card from Him. Not because I deserve it, but because He is gracious and faithful.  

Let our prayer be Psalm 26:2, "Test me, Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind" for I trust in You. You are perfect. You alone are Holy. You are working in me, perfecting your character in me. Let me abide in You.You will not fail me. I sure will get that A+. Thank you, Lord, for your grace that covers all my imperfection. I have no fear for You are love."


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