Autumn Song

September 2016

The Wedding Song

Written June 2005

This time and place I'll always hold dear
To face the future with nothing to fear
I stand before God and man to make a promise
This is what I'll say---

I'll hold you
Cherish and love you
Never to part
As God has joined us together
I'll honor you
Love you as God has loved
Because you're the one
He gave me to love.

This time and place I'll always remember
The day I take you as my bride
Taking God's hand, taking your hand
Forever we'll always be together.

This vow I take
God is faithful in helping us keep
As He keeps us by His side.
Until the day
We'll be with Him
Together in the sky.
(Refrain except last line)

Because you're the one...
(Groom) You're the one
(Bride) You're the one
(Together) I choose to love.

Before You

Written September 2005

I come before you today
Lord, just as I am
Naked and broken
Marred by the conflicts within.

I come before You today
As a child who has gone astray
Knowing that I can't live without
Your love.

I come before You
With all of my heart
I come before You
Lord, You're all that I have
You never turn me away
When I come before You.

Time and time again
You reach out to me
You washed and clothed me
Made me Your child again.

Now I have been adopted
Like a child who's never gone astray
I only know that it's because
You are love.

With arms open wide
You receive me back again
Through Jesus. O Jesus,
I stand in awe
For all that You've done.

In Times Like These

There are times in my life
When I don't feel like singing
Times when the days
Are so slow in passing

But it's in times like these 
That I know I need to

Praise Him
Praise the Lord
'Cause there are days when I don't deserve
But God keeps pouring out
All the blessings He's reserved
So I'll praise Him
Praise the Lord.

There may be times in your life
When your prayers go unanswered
Times when you don't 
Even know what to pray

But it's in times like these
That God reaches out
(So let's...) Refrain

It's in times like these
That I must confess
I need to sing, to talk to Him
I need my God.

Only Jesus


I often ask what's in store for me 
In this world of uncertainty
I search around yet I can't find
Save only one guarantee.

I have Jesus. I have Jesus.
He's more than enough for me
Nothing in this world can fill me up
Only Jesus.

When I can't see what lies ahead
And my heart's only filled with dread
Then I look up and I see
Heaven's light shining down on me.

(Psalm 73:25-26)
Whom have I in heaven buy You, Lord?
Earth has nothing besides You.
My flesh and my heart may fail,
But God is the strength of my heart
And my portion forever.


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