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Ultimate Loving

I was weak. I had a fit. Basically, I was complaining that I was tired of having to take care of three kids, help them with their homework, cook and feed them when I get home from work while my husband has to stay home. It was one of those mommy-things wherein the day's stress at work, the children's inexhaustible energy, the seemingly never-ending rituals of tucking them to bed, and some paranoid thoughts created a combustion that, well, I wasn't able to handle. Or maybe it's just me. I was tired and couldn't help but let other people (well, there was only my husband) know in a really, really huge way how I felt. Oh yeah, a pretty childish enormous way. I wasn't able to 'let go' when I should have let it all go and should have breathed in, breathed out. I shoulda, woulda, coulda... But it was too late.

Waiting on the Ultimate Parent

Oh, to be patient! It would solve most of my life's problems. I would be the best mom that ever walked on this earth, the sweetest wife that mankind has ever known, scores of people will be my friend and will stay to be my friend.

Patience is a virtue that is needed, oh, so needed by everybody in this world. Sadly, however, I lack it. I often find myself saying to my kids and students, "Be careful." Then in the next breath I would say, "Hurry up!" Worst, I kept stopping myself from automatically demanding several times a day "Hurry up", when I just said, "Go slowly" or "Write slowly". I really sound like that familiar sentiment, "Lord, give me patience, and give it to me now!" I am an oxymoron personified.

I was four months pregnant and living with my family on the fourth floor of a building. Whenever my 19-month old son and I would go out, I had to carry him down flights of stairs on my hip supported by one arm while the…