Waiting on the Ultimate Parent

Oh, to be patient! It would solve most of my life's problems. I would be the best mom that ever walked on this earth, the sweetest wife that mankind has ever known, scores of people will be my friend and will stay to be my friend.

Patience is a virtue that is needed, oh, so needed by everybody in this world. Sadly, however, I lack it. I often find myself saying to my kids and students, "Be careful." Then in the next breath I would say, "Hurry up!" Worst, I kept stopping myself from automatically demanding several times a day "Hurry up", when I just said, "Go slowly" or "Write slowly". I really sound like that familiar sentiment, "Lord, give me patience, and give it to me now!" I am an oxymoron personified.

I was four months pregnant and living with my family on the fourth floor of a building. Whenever my 19-month old son and I would go out, I had to carry him down flights of stairs on my hip supported by one arm while the other arm had to carry a heavy stroller that weighed like it was made of pure iron. There was no elevator on that building. After carrying my son and dragging the stroller in my preggy condition on the stairs, my arm would become so tired that I was afraid I would either drop my son or we'd tumble down the stairs. So I would decide to stop.

I could not continue on on that kind of laborious activity. With only one short set of stairs to tackle before reaching the bottom, I had to decide whether to bring the stroller down first, or my son on those steps. If I bring the stroller down first, my son would be left at the top of the stairs, with the possibility of him trying those steps himself. My hands won't be available to catch him as they would be busy carrying the stroller. That would be disastrous. If I carry my son first, then it would be dangerous for on one side was the open door with plenty of possibilities for my son to explore and on the other side was another flight of stairs going to a dark basement.

Most of the time I would carry him down the stairs, but at times, I would leave him at the top. But one thing for sure that I would do was to talk to him, asking him to wait on me. Even at his young age I would instruct him of what he needs to do and what I have to do. There was no other way. So I would tell him that I needed to bring the stroller down and that I would need his help. I would ask him to wait for me with his back on the wall and to stay exactly where he was. I had to repeat it many times until I could see that he understood what he was asked to do and that I was sure that he would do it. To my great relief and satisfaction as a mother, he did wait on me ALL the time.

I wonder if God asks us to wait on Him for He knows exactly the danger that is around us, just as I knew what would happen if my son would step towards that open door or those stairs that lead to the basement. I knew that beyond that open door were not only possibilities of exploration and discoveries that my son was so excited about, but there was also danger. And down at the bottom of the stairs of the basement, with broken a leg or something, was not where I wanted him to be. I had great plans of where I wanted to take my child for an outing. I wanted him to be able to enjoy the day with me, safe and happy. That is exactly what God wants for us. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:10-12. Our Ultimate Parent wants us to wait on Him and to enjoy the great plans He has for us.

Just as I know that my son's development is not mature enough to tackle that open door, its dangers and possibilities, and those steps and the dark basement below; my Ultimate Parent also knows when I am ready enough to take on challenges. We are not mass-produced in a factory with identical experiences and growth. Rather, we are made uniquely and our experiences, learning and growth are tailor-made just for us, for our optimal development. God made us, and He knows exactly what we need to grow and be happy. He wants us to wait on Him. He knows best. He wants what is best for us. At times it may not be what we want, still we wait on Him, trusting that He knows what He is doing. In waiting, we develop patience, we develop strength of character, we develop an intimate relationship with our Ultimate Parent, we become strong in Him.

"They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength. They will mount up with wings as eagles, they will run and not be weary, they will walk and not faint." Teach me, Lord, to wait.


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