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Hi. My name is Happy.

After being away for more than seven years from my home country, Philippines, I am back to stay for awhile, living life Philippine-style; preferring to eat green, sour mangoes than the over-ripe yellow ones. I am back to riding jeepneys with drivers who are horn-happy, honking all the way to the destination, bouncing up and down in motorcycles and pedicabs (pedal cabs... can you picture it?) on roads as smooth as the face of a moon. And most of all, I am back to enjoying the sun as much as I can, everyday.

The wet season, though, is coming and with it comes a lot of strong winds and rain, with thunder and lightning. Just like yesterday. We were cooped up at home, just listening to the sound of thunder and watching from the windows the falling rain as they make large, big puddles.

I am a rain person.

Thirty Six

Today is my day. I am thirty-six.

I was six when I was so sure I knew my numbers. I tried to impress my mom by writing out all the numbers I knew at that age. I am certain that I knew even up to a hundred. But now, I can see that I don't have the natural stamina to crunch numbers and I didn't get to finish that project. My mom understood me though. However, that should have warned me about getting a degree based solely on a personal dare. (I've got an accounting degree, but the number challenge has waned.)

First, Second, Third

It has been awhile. Life has been busy with many things distracting my attention from what really occupies my heart. I had been feeling heavy, and when I do, it is harder to make sense of things and to put them down either on paper or here on my blog. Besides, I don't want to mess up with your own heart, friends, or even with your minds.
So bravely today, I am going to try to sort out with the mess inside and to see what goes and who stays. Just like spring cleaning!