A Pilgrim's Dream

I dream of a beautiful home. A place that I can have for myself. A place where I can run to for shelter and warmth. A place where I can be at ease and be myself. A place where I can freely love, laugh, sing and cry. A place where I can proudly show to others, invite them in, hoping that they find the satisfaction that I have found. I long for this place, this home. 

Maybe you do too?

I believe this yearning for a home started a long time ago. So long ago when we were not born yet. Our first parents, Adam and Eve, had a beautiful home. The best ever. It was Paradise. Then they doubted the love of their Parent, the One who created them and created that beautiful home for them. They sinned. They had to leave Home and had to make do with a home that they themselves made. It was nothing like their first home. Though hard they tried, they still wished for that home that only the Ultimate Parent can give. And so they wander, their children wander, and we wander.

We wander to find that home which was made for us. We build cute, nice homes, all cozy and lovely. We build skyscrapers to show off our expertise in building. We build mansions complete with every convieniences that we think would bring comfort to us. But like our first parents, we cannot just get comfortable. We move from one place to another, trying to find that place, not really knowing what we are looking for. So, the yearning persists. We long for that Home.

And that yearning goes far deeper than the mere longing for a literal home. We long to find ourselves. We do not know who we are. We are not comfortable in our own skin, and we do not know where we are going. We often wonder why we are even doing what we are doing.

And sometimes we numb the pain of that longing. Some even go so far as sabotage themselves just to fill that longing, and instead of finding that love and intimacy, they find themselves trapped, helpless and broken.

I have this longing of finding a home, and in finding that home, I know I will find myself. I had this since life for me has began, but it has only been recently that I took steps to fulfilling this dream. I have wandered enough. I know I will continue to wander but I am in earnest to finding Home. I am getting closer to staying true. I know I will have to listen to my Father's voice in the many wondrous ways that He expresses His love, for I know He is guiding me home. 

There is no other way home but through His Son, Jesus Christ. And there is no other way to finding myself but through knowing Him. I know He has created every man and woman for an intimate relationship with Him. And so, I am on the road to home.

"One thing have I desired of the Lord, that I will seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and enquire in His temple." Psalm 27:4

You can journey along with me.

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