Everyday is a new adventure, whether good or bad. This blog started when I rediscovered the joy and passion of writing, and putting into words the thoughts and worlds whirling inside and around me. I am a highly curious person. I love books that bring me into worlds that I am not familiar with and into the minds of people with beautiful souls.

First, I became a parent. What an amazing adventure parenthood is! So much to think and write about. At the same time I had my first child, I learned formally about human development and psyche, and became a more earnest seeker of the Ultimate Parent.

And from one foreign country, my family settled into another foreign country. But my family became one with the locals in no time while I stayed a foreigner. I live like the locals, but living in a foreign land is like living in a large glass bubble--- you are in the midst of all that's happening, but you are not part of it, somehow. There's something that gets past you and there's something that you want that you can never get--- whether in communication or in life.

In the previous posts, this blog was The Road Home, a fitting image of what I and my family was in our journey in life, both spiritually and physically. I lost both parents in a storm and witnessed God's miracle-saving power in my daughter's life in that same storm. I struggled as my marriage was tested and my right as a mother was threatened. And through it all, I learned more about my God as I depended on Him with nothing and no one to turn to. His grace carried me Home. Home to where He is.

Renamed Home... the mess and beauty of it all, attempts to describe what it is like to love even as we try to live. Far from perfect and chaotic most times, I can't deny that it is fun. In all the chaos, there is beauty. And when we see and acknowledge this, we are on our way to having fun. And we thrive.

Just like my literal home. I love a clean-smelling house, but we've got pets, so I have to live with some sort of smell that I don't want to know. My budding artists have made a graffiti den out of their room, and everyday there are dishes and laundry that piles up while I have fun teaching. Ah, but there's the beauty of watching my children grow, the joy of learning and discovering something not-so-new, craving for books that I can't read because they are either in another language or not available for me to purchase, meeting new people, seeing something valuable in what most people won't notice, and staying true and committed to what matters most--- God, family, people.

This blog is about parenting, life, beauty, home, people, nature, art, music, culture, learning, foreign life, etc. I hope you find something beautiful... something to laugh or cry about... something inspiring... something do-able... something true... in this space. If not, please tell me and let's all learn and do life together. Thank you.

About my family...
My other half is a pure romantic, who loves the outdoors. He loves fishing. And fishing. And fishing. And hunting. He also loves driving. For hours.

We have four little mischievous angels. Our first goes by a nickname Wild Bear. He loves to make things and makes bigger mess. Ms. Angelika is quite a smarty-pants and gets really crabby. She's excited with school and homework. Ms. Kitty is a performer with a loud voice and really groovy/graceful moves. And Ms. Roxy is Miss Boss, talks like a Russian babushka, and as sweet as ice cream. They fill our home, currently in Russia, and our hearts with lots of grafitti, laughter, noise, made-up songs and love. 

We speak multiple languages and live quite a multi-cultural life. We believe that God loves variety and He loves everybody, quirks and all. In fact, it is when we are different that we get to worship Him in a special way, the way He has created us. Sounds perfect, right? No. We celebrate differences, but we work hard to love and accept each other with our differences. It is not easy, but with God's grace, still we come Home.


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