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LIVE UP God's Dream 4

LIVE UP God's dreams. L-Lean, listen and learn. I- Infuse reality with grace. V-Voice out truth. E-Embrace servanthood.

U - Unceasingly Watch and Pray. The way to God's dream is narrow and difficult, and there are only few who finds it (Matthew 7:14). It is so narrow and steep that no one can get there without casting aside all encumbrances, baggage or own agendas; and only by taking hold of the rope that God provides, can it be made passable. UP. "I will lift up my eyes to the hills-- from where comes my help. My help comes from the Lord..." (Psalm 121:1,2)

One favorite writer described the journey this way: 

LIVE UP God's Dream 3

There's a common thread to living up to God's dream. LIVE UP!

L - Lean, Listen and Learn. We just don't drift in life. We learn and we become who we lean into, and listen to. Though we absorb life lessons in different ways, we need to move past just being copy/past learners or even a paraphraser and into a transformed learner, willing to learn to be transformed by the Master Teacher, the One who can only transform lives.

I - Infuse Reality with Grace. God dreams that we live in His grace--- for our reality, our everyday, our present, our today. Accepting God's grace moves us from our past and turns our today into a blessing, a present from heaven indeed. With His grace infused into every corner of our lives, we can be gracious with those around us, including even ourselves. We are able to forgive for we have been forgiven. We can give for heaven has given us everything in Christ Jesus. We can even give of ourselves, care and love for we know that God takes care of our…

LIVE UP God's Dream 2

If we want God's dreams, we got to LIVE UP.

To live up is to do life with the aim of moving on to a higher ground.

To live up is to intentionally be full of life despite circumstances or people pulling us down.

To live up is to come alive and remain alive in God's truth, His presence, His power.

To live up is to know and believe that our help only comes from above, that our blessings can only flow out from the good heart of God, and our very lives come from His own poured out life.

LIVE UP God's Dream 1

I wrote this blog post long before Haiyan storm came. And I was ready to publish it. But for some reason, something just kept me from doing it. Now, I understand. God has a far better message for us. And I had to live through that message first before I can share it with you. I am not playing up my part in this message, for I know I am just a mere instrument. So if ever my weaknesses or deficiency in words, or my human failings are evident through my writing, I hope you pass them by, and read instead God's wonderful message. He loves us and He wants more than just mediocre lives out of us. He wants to see us through our potentials and live up to His dreams for us. He wants us blessed.

In case you haven't read the first part of this blog, it may be best for you to read it first. Here's the link: Living God's Dream.

Beyond the Storm: Love

Where God leads, He provides.

As my sister, Myrel, keeps on saying, she and the kids made it through to a safer place through God's providence. The whole experience was like crossing a raging river without a stepping stone in sight, but every time they took a step a stepping stone comes up for their feet to step on. And so, getting out of Tacloban was made possible through God's guiding hand and His love was evident in all His provision for the survivors' needs.

Three days after Haiyan, with no food, no water, no electricity, no clothes, violence breaking out in the city and citizens cowering inside their broken homes with any weapon they could find to protect themselves from intruders, everything wet and dirty, and the children-survivors needing medical help and none to find, my sister decided to get out of Tacloban. But how?