Who Is Like God? (Happy birthday, my Little Captain!)

I write to you, my son, because there are some things I just don't want to say but I also want you to remember.

Foremost is, God.

"You have searched me, Lord, and you know me" (Psalm 139:1).

I became a mother when I was gifted with you. That was ten years ago. I was uninitiated in motherhood and in life. But God in His wisdom gave me you. And in having you, I longed, bordering on desperation, to "know" Him, really know Him. I didn't know then that He would take me on a long journey. One that was unforgettable and replete with deep knowing of Him.

My son, in your vulnerability and helplessness, I found God's strength as I fiercely tried to protect and care for you. In Him, I see One who Protects those who are weak, vulnerable and are dependent on Him.

In your innocence, I yearned to be innocent again, desiring the pure and holy atmosphere of heaven, which only comes from the One who inhabits it.

In your smiles, even as I had to get used to carrying your growing body for hours on end, I knew joy. One that abounds in His presence no matter how hard the circumstances may be.

In your need for love, I learned from Him who is Love to give, serve and love expecting no return, but fully compensated in His approval and affection.

My son, you will grow into a man. Let God initiate you into the man He made you to be and give you the name that belongs to you. The name in which He has in His mind since the moment He fashioned you with His hands (Psalm 139). He made you to do life together with Him, for beauty and for adventure. May you discover your own story in His.

Next, people.

In having you, I found that, next to God, nothing else matters except people. It's not about where I am or what I have or what I have accomplished in this life. This life is about whether I love. That's all. Neither place, possession nor position in life  comes up close to loving the ones Jesus came to die for.

Yes, loving is an attempt to move closer to our original design. And it's the hardest thing to do here on earth. It's not natural for us to love. We have moved far from where we originally have been made for and everyday we go through terrible attacks on our person. But God gave us Jesus. In Him, we are taught to love. In His Spirit, we can love.

My son, to love is to have God in our being.

Oh, how you've grown from the tiny baby that you were. You were an easy baby to love. But years have proven that it's not as easy as I thought as you've started to assert your independence and your own thoughts and ideas. Just as it has not been easy for me to remember that God is our Ultimate Parent. And He has patiently guided me in my choices, and still love me through and through despite some of those choices.

My son, as God has been patient with us, we need to be patient with people. Some people, you may find different. Some, you may not understand. Remember, you don't know everything about them-- their background, their struggles, their dreams. Let love rule in your heart.

Never encroach on the rights of the vulnerable or the defenceless, for God is their Defender (Psalm 68:5). Do good.

Last, yourself.

Love yourself as God loves you. You are His beloved son.

And love others as He has loved you. Freely give as you have freely been given (Matthew 10:8).

You are a blessing. Your dreams and your life, if moved within the two rules above, which encapsulates God's holy Law--- the Ten Commandments--- will be a blessing. All that you have been blessed with is for a greater purpose. Use them for His glory.

мой маленький капитан (moi malenkie kapitan), your name is the question: Who is like God? To answer that... none. There is no one like God. March with Him, my son. Let Him lead you.

I love you. Much.

This is in line to my writing project for my children. :)

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