God Rules! (Happy birthday, Raindrops!)

And so it is that as the rain drops outside, I blog again after the longest time of not doing so. And it is because it is my little Ella's sixth birthday. She's not so little any more, yet still the sweet little one I love. But much sweeter and lovelier. So in connection to a writing project for my kids, here's one for her.

Happy birthday my little raindrops (or is it starlight?)
Whatever you want me to call you, you can always call me Mom.

I love the sound of rain on the roof, on my umbrella--- just as I love the tinkle of your laughter. Your eyes light up, your smile all turned up heralding mirth, showcasing your merry heart.

I love the smell of rain as it waters the earth and how it leaves everything crisp and clear. So are you, my dear, the moment you enter a room, your presence is so refreshing. Must be the innocence or that impish glint that is so endearing.

Rain falls softly, but it can be tough, too. And you have that soft heart that easily melts, but, my,! I do know you can be tough too! Don't I get a calloused forehead for the numerous times we butt heads? All the same, never forget I will always love you. Yes, you.

Rain is fun. It makes me dance around in circles and after, to jump like crazy in puddles. It invites me to sing so loud knowing that no one can hear me. Ah, you are more than rain. Twirling around with you has become my new hobby. So is singing in unmeasured beats, unwritten notes and just-thought-up lyrics. The only rule is to croon.

Rain fashion is cool. I love how it's roomy with groovy colors and sturdy, too. And you, rock it... even on a sunny day because you just want to wear galoshes. Isn't that cool?

I love thinking when it's raining. It's also the best time to read. Lately, we are finding ways to do that. I hope to spend more time together with you.

The day you came into my life wasn't raining, but, oh, how God had poured out His spirit on a woman with crumpled dreams before her and replaced them with His own perfect plans. That day, I knew I would never be alone no matter what or wherever I may be. I knew then that God rules--- and He rules with wisdom and grace. And you, dear, was there to show me how foolish man's schemes are.

Just as the coming of rain is a turning point to earth, so are you in mine. I love you and I will always cherish the gift that you are. You are God's and He loves you so much. I hope to show this to you everyday for as long as I live.

Rain falling. Tears (happily) streaming. Getting corny...

The End. 


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