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10 Things I Love About Being a Mom

I am a mother of four and it can get overwhelming at times. From the moment I wake up to the time I can finally rest I am constantly barraged by small bodies with cute voices, their questions and curiosities and the never-ending tasks that go along with raising them. But as we all know, children come with, not only a huge responsibility, but also with loads and loads of joy. Life has never been better than when I became a mom. I know I had great times before my little ones came, but I can't remember now what it was like without them. Here are some of the things I really would have missed if I'm not a mom... and for which I am very thankful to God.

1. Smothered in sloppy wet kisses and tight happy hugs. Children just can't get enough of kisses and hugs. And neither can I. Having four, I often run out of time just doing these and even that is not enough. I'm not complaining. It's simply the best part of being a parent. All the hard work is forgotten with just a smil…

Spring Herald

Spring Herald, You wake us up into Your breathtaking beauty! Oh, how words are bursting from within me and into my pen. You warm us up with the daylight sun, melting the icy places in our hearts. You invite us into the splendor of Your presence. We are left speechless and in awe. You are magnificent to behold!

Praying My Marriage to True Love

My marriage has gone through rocks, ravines and valleys. And back again. I am praying it will survive.

Three years ago we did a major move. That move proved to be a catalyst of many challenges. Oh, how it has shaken our lives, our beliefs, our characters, our faith and our love for each other. It hasn't been easy. If we make it through August, my husband and I would be celebrating a huge landmark in our marriage--- the 10th.