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I Am Home

After five years of blogging, I'm going to say goodbye to this blog, The Road Home, that started me on a journey of fully discovering God's goodness. Life is tough. But God's goodness is tougher, as tough as water--- as it gently flows its way through mountains and rocks, shaping whatever comes its way.

The journey has been wonderful! I am humbled and grateful to have walked this road. God truly is my Shepherd. At a time when I needed clarity, wisdom and a safe place to be, He has opened His arms for me to rest and learn. And at this moment of my life, when many things are still uncertain, I am sure of this: I am home. As long as God is with me, wherever I may be, in His love I AM HOME.

This is a bitter-sweet moment, but I believe God is directing me to "green pastures", unbelievable as it may be with the overflowing cup He has placed in my hands. I just follow where He leads.

Thank you so much, dear friends, for your encouraging companionship in this journey. B…