10 Things I Love About Being a Mom

My precious-es!

I am a mother of four and it can get overwhelming at times. From the moment I wake up to the time I can finally rest I am constantly barraged by small bodies with cute voices, their questions and curiosities and the never-ending tasks that go along with raising them. But as we all know, children come with, not only a huge responsibility, but also with loads and loads of joy. Life has never been better than when I became a mom. I know I had great times before my little ones came, but I can't remember now what it was like without them. Here are some of the things I really would have missed if I'm not a mom... and for which I am very thankful to God.

1. Smothered in sloppy wet kisses and tight happy hugs. Children just can't get enough of kisses and hugs. And neither can I. Having four, I often run out of time just doing these and even that is not enough. I'm not complaining. It's simply the best part of being a parent. All the hard work is forgotten with just a smile, a kiss or a hug from my children.

2. The whole spectrum of emotions. I've never felt more exposed than now. Motherhood has subjected me to all sorts of emotions. It's like walking around naked, with all nerves fully wired up, and there's no hiding anywhere. I have experienced my happiest and had my heart broken with my children, but I won't have it any different. I have never felt more human, but at the same time, experienced what it is like to take part in something divine as to create and nurture a person, made in the image of God.

3. Lessons learned. I have learned that being a mom opens me to a whole new school of thinking. This is more than university or even graduate school! And, my! The lessons I've learned and still learning... There's the wonder of breast milk, the dangers to be considered on vaccination, the awesome development of a human being, and that it's not worth screaming at a child over a glass of spilled milk, that there's a different way to dealing with it and other quirks in parenting. I have grown up much faster after I became a mom and yet have turned back the time by being young at heart as my heart beats in tandem with my child. Yes, if my parents or some other person have reared my children, I would have been robbed of maturity which the good Lord has intended for me. I am glad that God gave me the courage to say yes to being a mother, despite the knee-knocking fears I had. He is molding me well. But, boy, does it hurt at times. Yet, the lessons learned, the whole journey is worth it all.

4. No time for pity parties. Ah, life does throw us crazy curveballs and we often wonder, "What if..." What if I didn't become a mom? What if I still am propelling myself into a full time career? What if I only have one child or two? What if... what if... what if. What if we stop having pity parties and get on with the real business at hand? I love that being a mom makes me so busy that I don't have time for the 'what if's or to even wonder if the world is passing me by while I feed and rock my baby. The moment in hand is consuming me so passionately that I only have the time for it. Loving and caring for my children the way no one else can fills my life with sunshine so bright it renders many things insignificant. There's no better way to spend my time than in getting to know my children, loving them, making sure they are cared well and are growing up into who God made them to be.

5. Playtime. Giggles, wrestles, squeals of delight, playful and not-so-playful squabbles, childish noise, laughter... They all make my heart fat, yet burn up the calories to keep me lean and glowing. (Haha. I wish! Especially for the latter.)

6. Bedtime. Stories, books, hugs, cuddles, the tactics to delay it all, the efforts to keep quiet yet most often without success, peeping under heavy eyelids, another request for a hug and a kiss... They all send me to blissful rest. Aching feet and body, tired mind; yet happy, well, and strong.

7. Productivity. Yeah, right! She has four. She must've love being productive. Well, it's not just about simply giving birth to children, but I love the fact that as a mom most of the things that I do, whether just sitting with my kids or feeding, produces big results. In other words, without even thinking about it, I plant and I reap. Motherhood has killed the lazybones in me. I 'plant' even with an innocous conversation about sharks, sharpening mine and my son's brains. I 'reap' love and a warm, healthy relationship even with just the act of tucking a small child to sleep. Even just thinking about my children, their future, what steps to take or words to say, the menu for the day, produces far more than what my mind can grasp and my eyes can see. All the efforts that I exert snowball into something called 'success'! The best part? I love what I do.

8. The desire to be a better person. Did I say that motherhood has killed the lazybones in me? Well, it did. What else did it put to death? Many. However, it also has given birth to a whole, new person. I never thought I could be this passionate, giving, loving, free, confident, fearless, calm, beautiful... and even without thinking about me! The mama in me was born the moment God gave my children to me. This desire to be better, do better is growing. I love it! I love the new, better me!

9. Looking at a tired, old world through the excited, curious eyes of children. When we've been in a place for a long time and nothing much changes about it, or the place just keeps getting worn out, broken and old, we become tired and worn out ourselves. But my children has not allowed me to do so. Everyday is a whole new day of discovery and this world is a whole new place to be explored. They have lent me their eyes, and looking through them, I found so much to be excited about, which I never thought is possible. With children I have gained a better perspective at looking at the world, at life. It's wonderful to see it through the newcomers' eyes. Life is wonderful!

10. Ultimate Parenting. Parenting is an awesome job. I can be smart and do Smart Parenting. Or I can do everything natural with my babies and do Natural Parenting. I can be gentle and do Gentle Parenting. However, I can't do all that by myself. I lack the smarts in some matters. I'm not gentle, though I really wish so hard that I am. And naturally? I'm not so awesome. I am flawed, sinful, clumsy and prone to make mistakes. I need someone or something other than myself.

The moment I knew I was going to be a mom, I was filled with all sorts  of fear and felt oh-so-incapable. I needed Someone bigger than me. The task of being a mom is so extraordinary that I felt my need for Someone not-so-ordinary. I need God. I need His wisdom, His grace, His capable hands to guide me through the tricky parts of being mom. Like, does this call for just a hug or a time-out? Is this music okay for my children to listen to? Chores or floor-time with the baby? Is it time to stop breastfeeding or continue on with it until the babies get tired of breastmilk, or what? Are my kids learning all that they need to be equipped in this world and the world to come?

That's when this verse gives me hope, courage, and peace. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path" (Proverbs 3: 5, 6). It reminds me that I am in good hands. I am in my Ultimate Parent's hands. I need only to trust in Him. He wants me victorious. He wants me to succeed on this job and He is with me on this.

Well, God hasn't failed me. Everyday when I acknowledge my need of Him and come to Him, He empowers me and the task that seem so great become oh-so-doable. Not because He has minimized my responsibility but because He has given me what I need to be capable and able. I love that in my need I have a God who supplies all that I need. He has my children in His hands. In the first place, He is their Ultimate Parent. I am just His daughter basking in His love and sharing the abundant life He has given me to the precious little ones He has gifted me with. I am simply a mom, not a Supermom; but I have a Super God and that is more than enough for me!

What about you? What do you like best about being a mom? Share with me your real joys in being a mom.

And... have a nice day!

If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, 
how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!
(Matthew 7:11)

But now, O Lord, You are our Father;
 we are the clay, and You are our potter, 
we are all the work of Your hand.
(Isaiah 64:8)

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