Today I had a talk with my true self-- the girl who is too loud but is quiet and pensive most times. She was the one who knew exactly what she wanted but I have failed to remember. And today, she reminded me of the things that I have forgotten.

She reminded me of true love. Of how it feels to run on feet that felt like it has taken wings. Of walking bare foot. Climb trees. Drink glasses and glasses of lemonade until she can't stand. Save the world with a few karate moves. Dance under the rain. Splash puddles. Sing at the top of her lungs. Stare at the moon and count the stars. Chase the ice cream man. Catch fireflies. Wash the dishes and have a concert in front of the sink. Find a treasure in a one-cent. Read out loud news like a newscaster on TV. Smell the freshness of the after storm. Be a star on a makeshift stage. Hug and make up. Pray and believe. Draw paper dresses for dolls. Open up gifts with big, wide eyes. Finding miracles everywhere. Gather a crowd. Tell Jesus stories. Believe that everyone loves to listen about Him. Give shorts away. Write a letter. Copy older sister's one-liners. Being in love with a person--- Jesus Christ. Live for Him. Live with Him. Dream heaven.

She is growing up, this girl. She likes that. I like that, too. She's learning to love herself... and we promised to be true to being ME.

Psalm 139:3, 13, "You are familiar with my ways. You created my inmost being." I praise you, O God!


  1. Made me teary-eyed. Don't know why...I am blessed through you.

    1. Sobbing here...:D Really. Glad you are a part of ME... and I am so thankful.


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