The Taste of Loneliness and The Antidote (Poetry)

The Taste of Loneliness

The taste of loneliness is such
a bitter pill refusing to budge
stays in place
on the tongue

a language I barely speak, of joy
felt, forgotten like rain in June
in a hot,
desert land

where no man is friend or foe
just that--- nothing. Indifferent:
dying, dying, gone
with ennui.

***I wrote these verses while doing the lonely job of ironing at almost midnight. As it usually is at that time, the house was quiet save for the rhythmic noises my family made. The sound was comforting. Having lived in foreign lands for most of my adult life, I came to know loneliness---intense and chronic. Yet in its solitude, I've known the God who made me, and came to befriend myself and relish the companionship of God's creation and humanity--- through nature, people who are different yet so similar to me, their gifted works of literature and music, and the daily interaction of life as it comes. 

So here's the antidote...

The Antidote

Take in sunshine, sing in the rain.
Embrace joy, cry out pain.
Take notice how leaves unfold,
How it shivers in the cold.

See shapes and colors in words.
Taste flavor in painted grapes.
Feel the rhythm of the day,
Smell musk when the sky is gray.

Listen to another's beating heart,
Dance with him, no need of art.
Laugh at his jokes, hold him when he hurts,
Walk in his shoes if you must.

Learn from a child, take wisdom from the matured,
Know that what you know is not all and insured.
Don't settle for ease, find a need,
Be strong, take courage to do the deed.

Your Father is rich--- this never forget!
Spend time with Him. His love for you has no end.

Forget self.

Copyright © 2017 zernahfaith

***I had so much fun writing The Antidote that I got carried away. (Well, the original version had the third verse with the last line like this: Be warned! Take cover when he farts! 😂    ... complete with a smiley.) But seriously, there's no reason for us to be lonely--- that is, when we forget there is somebody out there who needs us and there's Someone Up There who cares for us. Talk with Him. And talk with them, too--- the flowers, that grumpy teenage boy, the demented neighbor, the friendly barking Labrador, the green grass waiting for your barefeet. The world our Father made is rich and throbbing with life and beauty. Take notice. Be present. Thank Him.

And let your heart cheer you...
Walk in the ways of your heart,
And in the sight of your eyes,
(In) all these...
Remember your Creator.
(Ecclesiastes 11:9, 12:6, modified)

Be well. Stay blessed!

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