Li'l Angelika in a costume made
by my late mother, when I was away
 and unable to be with my daughter,
a few days before 'the storm'.
is not found in heavily made up ladies,
Neither in the sparkling diamonds or glitters of gold
Brimming from necks and limbs;
Nor in the latest models of gadgets or antiques of old,
Strings of possessions and processions of things.

if you care to look--- is in the eyes
Of one where joy resides, see as she smiles
At the future in this ocean of life,
Facing with mirth its every ebb of tide,
Grateful, joyful for every unexpected love
Committed on the vow she made to the One above.

is not in chasing, clamoring for who-knows-what!
Rejecting, neglecting, forsaking the ones
Placed in our hands to love and to hold. And that~
A calling beyond the beating of drums
In isolation, often without appreciation and praise
Exquisite in duty, abundant in grace.

shines in earnest when circumstances are dim,
Light up by a heart made pure in simple faith
Daily standing on Heaven's Word, not on whim
Though falling, stumbling, failing, yet never quitting
With courage ever moving, deeply knowing
The One who knows the sparrows' singing.

Copyright © 2017 zernahfaith

These lines are dedicated to all those who give beauty to the menial, the common, the ordinary. By your courage, faithfulness and love, despite the ugliness happening around the world, beauty lives on. Most especially, I want to say, thank you, Mama.

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