God's Impeccable Timing (Happy Birthday, Snowflake!)

My baby is two! This year, I have a goal to write to all my children, with the first written to Angelika three years ago. Yeah, the simplest writing project I could think up. So this blog post is for Roxana, born June 10.

I call her my Snowflake, as she came during a wintry-like season in my journey on this road home. Besides that, she is also very pure in her expressions and reactions and is a real delight to be with. I am more than blessed to be her mother.

Happy Birthday, Snowflake!

You're still turning two
And it would take some time
Before you can read 'glue',
But that didn't stop you from creating a brew
When you stuck your sticky fingers on my hairdo.
Still I'm penning down thoughts 
On how much I love you
For time is vanishing gold
It's not wise to waste it 
And wait for when I'm too old.

You came wrapped in baby loo
On my breast you lay
Warm, tiny and blue.
You crept into my heart, showed me laughter and life
Amidst a messy stew ripe with rife
You, so tiny; you, so soft
Lift my dragging spirits up to wake
When I'm ready to crumble and break
You set me straight with your gaze,
"Hey, mother, why not praise?"

I sing "Jesus Loves Me"
But you showed it how
By reflecting to me
Through the joy and love you unconditionally bring
Despite everything, Jesus' love is unfailing.
I am one blessed woman
To be taught even as I teach,
To love as I am loved,
To be walking this road with you
Before you take your own road, too.

The clock races, time runs,
I'll cherish each moment 
Before they're gone:
Spaghetti on your hair, boo-boos on your knees
Sloppy kisses on my lips, tight hugs that squeeze.
Eager fingers, eyes filled with wonder,
So quick to learn to speak,
To explore, to see, to be,
Just don't forget
To be kind to the human family.

Two or thirty-two
I'll always love to love you
As you toddle, walk, run, fly
Even after you've exhausted the question 'Why?'
I'll pray with and for you to draw nigh
To the One whose image
It is a privilege to bear.
Never forget who you are---
His Beloved, His child,
Ever precious and dear.

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