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I have just given birth to a lovely baby. Her name is Roxana. She is truly a gift from heaven.  In the few days that she has been under my care, thoughts of what it takes and what it means to be a mother has occupied my mind. So I thought of sharing them as to empty my head a li'l bit. ;)

Anyhow, if you have thoughts about birth, pregnancy, motherhood or babies that we might enjoy, feel free to send it to me through my email or pm me through Facebook. I'll include them here together with your name. Thanks... And enjoy the day!

A baby's first smiles can ease the mother's pains and aches like no other medicine can do. 

Giving birth is always an amazing experience (even at my fourth). But with it is acute pain. Pain at how frail we are. Pain at how women are cursed. If only there is no pain... But Eve listened to the serpent just as we still do now-- prone to wander, prone to sin. Giving birth is a curse. Yet even in the painful curse of giving birth, God has never left us hopeless and without mercy. For in every birth, there is empowerment, that though how weak we are, there is enough strength that God has put in us to get every mother through the painful process. And in every birth, there is a blessing, a blessing of taking part in God's wonderful work of creation. And finally, in giving birth, there is hope-- hope that God has never given up on sinful humanity. Every child born is a reminder that God is merciful and "unto us a Child is born" (Isaiah 9:6), the Savior of mankind, Jesus. That Savior was born to a woman--- a woman, weak, sinful, cursed; yet strengthened, blessed, saved through Him--- in the same painful curse of a process, called birth.

Then there's that moment when you wonder what got into you to think that having a baby (with pregnancy, giving  birth and all) is an exciting journey. Then you hold the baby. You get a really good look at her face. She makes faces. You smile. You laugh. You love. And you forget why you even think that having a baby is not an exciting journey. Of course,  it is. The baby is an exciting journey you just can't wait to explore!

There is pregnancy and postpartum depression. They are real. There is also love. They said one falls seven times harder when having a baby. Well, I fell--- fell  into a deep pit when I was pregnant. Then the baby came, and drew me out of the pit. I never thought one so tiny and helpless  can do that to someone a lot more times bigger and stronger than her. (God has His mysterious ways. :) )

A mother learns to play defensively while pregnant. The baby kicks, and all she does is catch it... ecstatically.

There's nothing more authentic than motherhood. It bares you--- body and soul. And you're left with nothing and nowhere to hide. You get to know the real you.

Radiant--- is what a pregnant woman is. She may not look 'hot'. Perhaps, she may even look like a potato. But a woman, who is pregnant, is beautiful; not because of what others think, but because she shines from within. She is a beautiful woman because of what she chooses to do.

I can never say I made my children. I had nothing to do with it. From day one God has fashioned them, molded them and created them… and all I did was trust Him. He is good at what He is doing. I have no complaints.

Babies are gifts never outgrown. Always fitting and fashionably in style.

Baby smiled. Mama can't help it. Here is an adult talking like a dolt: "Cochi cochi coo! Cochi cochi coo!" Now, that's love.

I look at my newborn baby and I see how tiny she is. And how sweet. Then I look at my older children, and I see how they've changed, how they've grown. Oh, how sweet to see them like this--- still my babies.

To keep doing what mothers do--- giving loads of love, that is--- we have to allow ourselves to constantly receive love. Keep love flowing all around. Know the Source of love. God is love.

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