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zernahfaith.blogspot.comHello friends! Privyet! Maayong adlaw ninyong tanan!

I'm back. I'm back because I miss blogging. And because I need inspiration.

Kids are growing so fast and so am I. (Not physically. I'll probably stay a dwarf with a sack of potatoes for the rest of my life.) Life seems to be going on high speed that there's no time to process all that is happening.

Like, kids will be going back to school and I will be teaching in two schools. I have two weeks before all these will take place. And I need inspiration fast. I need to spend quality time with each of my kids, four of them, before all these precious time is lost with no intentional thought in mind. What's there to do?

When I was blogging, writing down my thoughts helped me move in a direction, one that means progress. But almost a year without it, just the lonely, occasional doodling in my notebook, I feel lost. I need inspiration fast!

What to do with the precious time I have with them that doesn't include bossing them to clean up the stairs or peel the carrots while I'm cooking? Maybe there's something?

I've thought of a date. Maybe a basketball game with Wild Bear? A writing date with Ms. Angelika? A walk or hike with Kitty? (Well, we did that today.) A wrestling match with Roxy?

We've just made the initial preparations for school. We placed a backpack order for Wild Bear and got the 2 pairs of shoes for Ms. Angelika that she needs to wear for outside and inside the school, plus her uniforms for warm and cold weather. Phew! That was pricey. Still need to get uniforms and shoes for Wild Bear and Ms. Kitty. And the backpacks for the girls. As for Roxy, she's wearing her warm weather clothes again as it is starting to get cooler. Thank God, they still fit her.

And life goes on.

I'm grateful for many things, most especially for the joy of teaching. I just love what I do. Even on days when I can't seem to get through my students. Well, not really about grammar. They can live without that... for awhile. I know eventually they will get it. But I am more concerned about the way they treat those whom they label as different. I am deeply concerned for both the victims and the perpetrators. I can't bear bullying. I did what I had to do as a teacher and I am hoping the intervention works. But I'm getting ready to increase supervision so it won't be repeated, and teach life skills even as my students are learning to speak English.

Let's talk about this. Do you have individual dates with your kids? If so, what do you do? And, if you witness bullying how do you help or intervene? Do you teach your kids what to do if they are bullied? Have you asked your child if they have participated in a bullying incident? If they did, what did you do?

Bye for now. Stay blessed!



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